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Wednesday, Jan. 05, 2011 - 5:48 p.m.

Tracfone time

My memory is getting so bad, I have to write down the particulars of what I just did so I can do the same thing later.

I use a Tracfone for my cell phone, so I have to add minutes every 90 days. This time I bought 60 minutes and 90 days for 19.99, 30 more minutes for 5.00 and found a promo code on Google that would give me 30 more minutes. That should have been 120 minutes total and I had 193 minutes left on the phone. After the transaction, I had been given 210 minutes which is 90 more than I expected. My total should have been 210 plus 193 equals 403, right? My phone total now reads 553. go figure.

Great start to 2011, only one of many. I am encouraged. A few glitches but You and I can handle it, right? Just joking, I know it is all You. Thank You.


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